jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Final proyect II

Unfortunately this level already ended but I really liked because it was quite different and I hope you learned are also learned as I

Final Proyect

Well, here I leave our final project where we talk about vecindariosn, food, fashion, the mysteries of vancouver ... I hope you like

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

In the neighborhood

in this unit we talked about the neighborhood and here I speak a little of my...

I live in a beautiful new high-rise apartment behind a large shopping center. there is a big road in front of my building, and there is some congestion tráfico. I no like that there is much uncertainty but everything inside is a good neighborhood.

Tell me about yours...
kiss BabyLove

Moderm Family Trends

in this unit we talk about modern families and compare women in different countries, but this Atrea Venezuelan women talk about ...

in maracaibo over 50% of women are mothers, housewives and working, have cars and live in Apartametos with their families. In the city but some women speak Spanish also speak English. and usually only has 2 children

I hope you liked it. leave a comment please

kiss baby love

domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

Unsolved mysteries

Hello everybody..!!! in this unit we talked about the mystery here is why I bring a legend in my country Venezuela

It is said that once walked a farmer looking for a little ganadoy coming back from the Black Lagoon and the lagoon through Mucubaji botijón saw a gold full to the banks of the lagoon (down at the foot of the lagunaAl see botijón peasants rejoiced and took him, when he had advanced a few yards he heard a girl's voice was reclaiming the treasure, he turned to see with horror that the lake came after him.Realizing the situation, the farmer threw the treasure and went at full speed without looking back, to pull the "botijón 'waters of the lagoon back to your site. It is said that this is the treasure that keeps the lagoon.

share with me their legends, I hope you like.

kiss BabyLove

Today´s Trends

Hello everybody... today I will speak about what is fashionable when dressing.
I hope you like it

this is what we learned from this unit! please leave any comments
Kisses Baby Love..!!!

Moderm Family Trends

Hello everybody... This time I will talk about my family to know me a little more..!!

My parents has been married for 28 years. They had 2 childrens, my brothers Andres who is 27 years old and me Andreina.
My mother works in school, as a teacher of kindergarten and my father works as a agronomy engineer.
We lives in a own house.
We don´t have pets
We're a happy family =)

I hope you have liked to know more about me.

Kiss BabyLove..!!!